About Brittney Aldridge

“My mission is to guide the world in remembrance of what birth really is by empowering women in their birthing journey. “

I personally have gone from fear and pain to empowerment and bliss in my birthing journey. I’ve seen women I’ve guided go from pain and fear to empowerment and pure joy when they’ve realized how powerful they are. How they’ve gone within themselves to create the birth they wanted and then witnessed as it unfolded before their eyes. I’ve felt it, I’ve seen it and my goal is to offer it to all women who would love to accept the fun and exciting challenge of changing the course of birthing for their lives, their children’s lives, in our culture and the world.

Brittney is a mom of 5 children that she’s birthed naturally. Her birth partner, Trent is her tall dark and handsome. Brittney has a degree in Music Therapy with a special study in Prenatal Music Therapy from ASU. Her deepest education for what she teaches was was obtained by birthing her own children and with each one gaining wisdom, insights and gifts from the challenges each one presented.

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