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Your Way.

“I tried so many different methods but nothing compared to these techniques. Hands down best delivery I’ve ever had! Made me want to do it again!”

– Jeni B.

Feel Confident

Feel confident in the choices you consciously make for you and your baby. Feel confident in your body’s ability to birth your baby. Feel confident in your ability to birth your baby AND make it feel like you want it to feel. Feel confident in the communication you have with your birth partner and their support in advocating for what you desire and require.

Feel In Tune

Feel in tune with your body and her wisdom. Develop a relationship with her during all stages of pregnancy to make your pregnancy experience an enjoyable and fulfilling one. Develop this relationship with her so deep that when you are in labor, the cues she’s giving you bring the swiftest, most comfortable and enjoyable labor.

Feel Empowered

Feel empowered knowing that you have a choice. You have lots of choices and you get to choose what you want to experience. Break through the cycle of feeling stuck as you look at labor and delivery options and move through to a place that possibilities lead you to be. Empower yourself to be the goddess that you are.

Why Work With Brittney?

“Birth is a dance. Birth is a beautiful dance between a women, her body and her baby. When all flow with a knowing and preparation, it is the most beautiful thing to experience and behold.”
– Brittney Aldridge

When a woman starts to look forward to the culmination of her pregnancy, labor and delivery, most women don’t “look forward” it at all. Fears start to creep in: “What if my body just doesn’t know what to do?” “What if the baby doesn’t fit?” Feelings of hopelessness, feeling stuck or dread when your body does things that make the way you want to labor and deliver “impossible”. When care takers are not taking care of you the way you wish, when your wishes aren’t respected or honored, when you feel pushed or pressured leaving you feeling awful, frustrated and hurt. These experiences and feelings are a reality for a lot of women, but the good news is that they don’t have to be.

Brittney has helped women remember the innate power of their bodies, the power they have within themselves to manifest the experiences in life that they desire, and the power they have to stand up for themselves, for what they desire and require. She meets every women where they are and guides them through to what they want to experience. She has empowered women to dispel their crippling fears during pregnancy, alleviate morning sickness symptoms, experience pain free natural births, leave their birth experience with their vagina perfectly intact, experience what was previously “impossible”, drastically reduce the amount of time in labor and pushing, and guide first time moms to experience their births as though they had delivered multiple times before, leading the women of the earth to a remembrance of what birth really is and can be.

“About 6 months into my pregnancy my friend told me about this class she was taking from a friend all about pain free natural child birth. I decided to give it a shot. Wow! Was I glad that I did! It completely changed my mindset and allowed me to listen and truly believe that my body was made to do this if I just let it! I had a beautiful short, painless, and bonding birth experience with my daughter. My daughter is a year now and I still look back at her birth with a smile. Brittney helped me gain the confidence and trust I needed in my own body, and that is priceless.”

– Tiffany M.
How Does It Work?
First, I would love for you to tell me about yourself. What kind of birth would you love? What were your previous birth experiences like? What would you love support with right now? Click “Begin Today” to fill me in. I will contact you to schedule a free exploratory call to discover if working together is aligned for us both.


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Work 1:1 with me, in a group setting or both to ultimately birth empowered, your way.
How Much Does It Cost?

Well, let me ask you this…

How much does it cost to have a baby? How much of that would be irrelevant if you learned how to simplify birthing, resulting in fewer interventions experienced both during labor and recovery? There are many costs to having a baby, however this investment in yourself is priceless. The investment of time, money and dedication to your birthing experience is something that is well worth it. You only live this life once and you only have a certain number of birthing experiences. The question is, how do you want to have your baby? Discover if Brittney and the Birth Like A Boss methodology is right for you. Apply for a free exploratory call by clicking “Begin Today” to discover how I can guide you to birth empowered, your way.
ABOUT Brittney
ABOUT Brittney

My mission is to guide the world in remembrance of what birth really is by empowering women in their birthing journey.

I personally have gone from fear and pain to empowerment and bliss in my birthing journey. I’ve seen women I’ve guided go from pain and fear to empowerment and pure joy when they’ve realized how powerful they are. How they’ve gone within themselves to create the birth they wanted and then witnessed as it unfolded before their eyes. I’ve felt it, I’ve seen it and my goal is to offer it to all women who would love to accept the fun and exciting challenge of changing the course of birthing for their lives, their children’s lives, in our culture and the world.

Brittney is a mom of 5 children that she’s birthed naturally. Her birth partner, Trent is her tall dark and handsome. Brittney has a degree in Music Therapy with a special study in Prenatal Music Therapy from ASU. Her deepest education for what she teaches was was obtained by birthing her own children and with each one gaining wisdom, insights and gifts from the challenges each one presented.


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